Viral Video: Latest Ketchup Flavored Ice Cream Is Disturbing the Internet

Viral Video: Latest Ketchup Flavored Ice Cream Is Disturbing the Internet

What’s your favorite summer dessert? It’s ice cream, isn’t it? ! This creamy, cold delight is a dessert that almost everyone loves to indulge in. But when it comes to deciding which flavor of ice cream to eat, it can turn into a heated debate. Every now and then a new flavor of ice cream is invented that surprises our taste buds. But not all ice cream flavors are a hit! Recently people have been going a little crazy with ice cream and we’ve seen some of the weirdest ice cream flavors on the internet. From Maggi ice cream, momos ice cream and masala dosa ice cream to garlic ice cream – believe it or not, these ice cream flavors exist around the world. But that’s not where people decided to draw the line. We came across a viral video of a ketchup ice cream that didn’t look appetizing at all. Watch the video below and prepare to be shocked:

In the video, the man is seen preparing an ice cream from scratch. He begins by whipping the milk, sugar, ketchup and pours the mixture into the ice cream maker. Later, he adds more ketchup as the ice cream spins. Once the ice cream is set, he drizzles more tomato ketchup on top, just like one would drizzle chocolate sauce over ice cream. When the man tried the ice cream, his expression of disapproval explained that the ice cream was not good!

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The video was uploaded to Instagram by @kyleistook and has over 3.1 million views and 46,000 likes.

Foodies were not happy to see this ketchup ice cream. Just looking at the amount of ketchup used in ice cream can make you nauseous. Here’s what they had to say about this ice cream:

“Isn’t it good? Isn’t it good? You had to experiment and try to find out that KETCHUP ICE CREAM won’t be good? (*sic*)”

“I am very disturbed”

“I just want to cry now (*sic*)”

“It’s gonna make you sick”

“At least he had the humanity to label it ‘ketchup ice cream’ so no one accidentally eats it”

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