State representative reports issues with veterans' mental health services

State representative reports issues with veterans’ mental health services

State Representative Adam Miller, D-Columbus, is a member of the Armed Services and Veterans Affairs Committee.

Miller has completed two tours in Afghanistan.

“The most important thing we can do for military families and veterans is to reconnect them with the community when they return,” he said.

He said there is huge bipartisan support for extending reach and meeting people who are struggling where they are. One issue Miller said Ohio lawmakers are trying to address concerns the care veterans receive once they decide to seek help.

“When they show up at the facility, the questions aren’t ‘How long can you stay?’ or ‘Where are you?’ he said. ‘It’s ‘Do you have insurance?’ “What kind of things can we get to cover some of the costs? Really inappropriate questions for people in trouble or at a tipping point.

Miller also discussed the role educators play in protecting young people and the new mechanisms he wants to implement to prevent crises before they happen.

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