Starlink slashes monthly internet prices by 50% for some

Starlink slashes monthly internet prices by 50% for some

Starlink, Elon Musk’s internet-from-space service provided by SpaceX, is informing its customers of good news: their monthly subscriptions have been reduced in response to “local market conditions”.

I received one of these notifications for my Starlink RV service which normally costs me €124 per month in the Netherlands. It says: “As of 8/24/2022, Starlink is reducing your monthly service fee to €105. OK that works.

The price drop is welcome at a time when everything else is getting more expensive due to inflation. “The price reduction takes into account your local market conditions and is intended to reflect purchasing power parity among our customers,” the announcement read.

Others are reporting similar discounts in locations around the world. For example, on Reddit, someone in the UK reports a reduction in their monthly fee to £75 (from £89), in Mexico to MXN$1,100 (from MXN$2,299), and in Germany to €80 (instead of €100). Users in Chile and Brazil report price drops of around 50%. A spot check on the respective Starlink service pages in each country confirms the above claims.

The situation in the United States, where the dollar has soared against foreign currencies, is less clear. One person from Nevada reports getting a discount to $85 (down from $110), but Starlink’s own pages still show a monthly subscription price of $110 after a one-time $599 purchase of the hardware kit. Several other people claiming to be from the United States say they received no price reduction.

So far, there is no mention of a reduction in speed or the addition of strict data caps following the discounted subscriptions.

SpaceX and T-Mobile will host a joint event later today where Elon Musk will be on hand to announce plans to “increase connectivity.” It’s unclear if the event has any connection to the new pricing.

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