New Lakeland Regional Facility to Better Serve Behavioral Health Patients

New Lakeland Regional Facility to Better Serve Behavioral Health Patients

Lakeland Regional Health has expanded to introduce a new $46 million facility to help better serve behavioral health patients. This follows a new facility that has just been built in North Lakeland and a new emergency room on the south side.

Lakeland Regional Health Baker serves 5,000 people each year. The new Harrell Family Center for Behavioral Wellness, which is located next to the medical center, wants to help long before anyone gets to that point.

“Our goal is to start meeting some of these clients and patients at an earlier stage in their journey when it’s not a crisis level,” said Alice Nuttall of the Harrell Family Center for Behavioral Wellness.

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People who would have had to wait months to see a psychiatrist or counselor will be able to get an appointment sooner. They can also get a bed, if they need it, earlier. The number of beds will increase by approximately 30%.

Currently, when a behavioral patient walks into the emergency room and needs psychiatric care, they have to be taken out of Polk County because there aren’t enough beds.

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To staff the new center, Lakeland Regional is hiring 100 employees, including janitors, nurses and psychiatrists.

“We are going to do this in a much more welcoming and friendly environment, with natural light, bringing the outdoors in, so that patients are on the path to recovery and improvement,” Danielle Drummond, CEO of Lakeland Regional Health, said.

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