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Brazilian father-daughter duo rock the internet with ‘Cheap Thrills’

If you’re someone who likes to scour social media to watch feel-good videos, then this father-daughter duo’s videos are not to be missed.

Pablo and Veronica, a father and daughter from Brazil who are internet sensations for their amazement dance skills are seen dancing to Sia’s hit song “Cheap Thrills” in their latest video.

Wearing matching outfits, their perfectly coordinated dance moves are a joy to watch. Their videos would surely hook you and make you watch them on repeat.

Watch the video below:

The video was posted 14 hours ago and it has received over 6.26 lakh views so far. It also prompted netizens to post several comments as people praised the duo.

“She is so good! commented an Instagram user. “You are both awesome,” wrote another. “This week is more than special…Fathers week…Congratulations Dad!” read another comment in Portuguese.

They regularly post groove videos to various songs from around the world on their Instagram page which has over 2.2 million followers.

Many of their videos have garnered millions of views and they also danced to the incredibly viral Bengali song “Kacha Badam” in February.

In another video posted on July 31 which has over 1.2 million views, the duo can be seen dancing to the song “As It Was by Harry Styles” against the backdrop of a swimming pool.

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