Wisconsin dairy farmers connect their cows to the internet

Wisconsin dairy farmers connect their cows to the internet

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) – Wisconsin dairy farmers are connecting cows to the internet with new technology systems. The new technology, Smaxtec, provides insight into the health status of livestock and helps detect potential diseases.

This new technology can help breeders reduce costly veterinary bills and optimize production by having a better understanding of the medical status of their animals.

Real-time insights and recommendations come from AT&T’s Internet of Things sensor-enabled technology.

AT&T said the technology can specifically help dairy farmers:

  • Better monitor the health of cows. The use of sensors allows farmers to detect health problems in their livestock earlier. This can improve overall herd health and reduce the need for antibiotics.
  • Reproduce more efficiently. The new sensors can give up to a day’s notice that a calf will be born.
  • Improve agricultural operations. With AT&T sensors, farmers can save money on feed and medicine for their herds.

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