APD and Aspire Behavioral Health launch the REACH program

APD and Aspire Behavioral Health launch the REACH program

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) – The Albany Police Department (APD) and Aspire Behavioral Health will join forces in May.

The new program is called REACH (Responding, Encouraging, And Cultivating Hope).

Aspire will provide mental health, addictions and recovery specialists.

A team of police and clinical professionals will help those in need, to access mental health services rather than being jailed or imprisoned in some cases.

Police Chief Michael Parsley believes this program can help them better serve the community.

“The key is to get services to people who need them. On the Aspire side, they have teams that go out, but sometimes they can’t get to certain places because maybe they don’t know or aren’t equipped to get to some of these more challenging areas Having an officer there, that officer knows the area well and that’s a way to bridge the gap. services and the people who have them.

Chief Parsley says the money for the program came from grants, so it won’t necessarily come from local budgets.

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